What Are The Environmental Responsibilities Of Business? | HuffPost

Last week, we looked at the social responsibilities of business. Today, we delve into how businesses can act in an environmentally responsible manner.

A large part of business’ commitment to environmental sustainability can start internally. What is a business’ consumption of energy, water and gas? Can the supply of any of these utilities be greener? In most instances, renewable or green supplies of energy tend to save money, providing an economic incentive to look to act sustainably.


We Have Two Options: Stabilize The Arctic Or Destabilize Our Planet | HuffPost

To be, or not be, that is the question.
— William Shakespeare

As the Arctic Council convenes in Fairbanks, it is a good time to remind ourselves that, unlike Las Vegas, what happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic.

The Arctic – its sea ice, terrestrial ice sheets, glaciers and permafrost – has significant influence on the planet’s weather patterns. Ocean currents, sea levels and rainfall patterns are all affected by what’s happening in the Arctic.

All life on Earth has adapted for millions of years with a relatively stable Artic. That’s no longer the case. Today our generation is presiding over the dismantling of the Arctic and its stabilizing systems just when we need them the most.

Think of the Arctic as the planet’s air conditioner, and then imagine an endless brutal heat wave during which that air conditioner no longer works. Not a happy or healthy future.

Why is the Arctic coming apart?

Rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are increasing global temperatures, and the Arctic region is warming at a rate more than double the global average

Chicago mayor Emanuel posts EPA’s deleted climate change page - POLITICO

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s response to the Trump administration pulling down its website detailing information about climate change: putting up his own. The new section of the City of Chicago’s website, launched this weekend, pulls data from the archived Environmental Protection Agency page, noting, “while this information may not be readily available on the agency’s webpage right now, here in Chicago we know climate change is real and we will continue to take action to fight it.” Emanuel is promising to build the site out more in the coming weeks, using city resources.


Global Water Shortage Risk Is Worse Than Scientists Thought | HuffPost

The growing risk of worldwide water shortages is worse than scientists previously thought, according to a new study.

About 66 percent, which is 4 billion people, of the world’s population lives without sufficient access to fresh water for at least one month of the year, according to a new paper published Friday in the journal Science Advances.

Previous studies calculated a lower number, estimating that between 1.7 and 3.1 billion people lived with moderate to severe water scarcity for at least a month out of the year.


As Ice Melts, Dangerous Diseases From The Past Could Rise Again | HuffPost

The great thing about climate change is that there’s always some new, horrifying consequence to worry about ― like ancient viruses and bacteria emerging from the ice as the Earth warms. Unfortunately, researchers fear we may see more of this in the future.

Some of these viruses and bacteria may have been trapped for millennia, and it’s not even totally clear yet what they are, let alone what kind of damage they might cause.

Researchers have encountered complex “giant viruses” with as many as thousands of genes in the melting permafrost of Siberia. One such virus, 30,000 years old


4 Things You Can Do If You Are Worried About Climate Change | HuffPost

If you are worried about climate change, you are not alone. Seventy percent of Americans think climate change is real and support the Paris Agreement. With over 100 countries ratifying the agreement and pledging to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it is obvious that people around the world believe in the importance of limiting global warming.

If you are a scientist, or even just a nature lover, you might be finding it hard to resist slamming your laptop shut every time you read the news lately. In these uncertain times, you have good reason to feel frustrated. We cannot be sure of the actions that will be taken by the new administration but


Trump Asked Industry Which Environmental Rules To Target Next. Here Are 5 Of Their Most Outrageous Requests. | HuffPost

The Trump administration has already cancelled or sought to undermine 23 rules that protect our health and environment – including limits on toxic waste coal companies dump in rivers, and regulations promoting more fuel-efficient cars.

But the administration is hungry for more, so it’s asked companies, trade associations and lobbyists to suggest


Trump's Executive Orders Ignore The Ocean's 'Blue Economy' | HuffPost

The war on nature seems to be targeting the ocean - again.

President Donald Trump’s April 26 executive order to review national monuments created in the last ten years entails a review of national marine sanctuary designations, including the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, the Rose Atoll Marine National Monument, the Mariana Trench Marine National Monument, and the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument.

That announcement came a year and two days after former President Barack Obama expanded


Here Are The 27 National Monuments Threatened By Trump's Order | HuffPost

Here Are The 27 National Monuments Threatened By Trump's Order | HuffPost

Twenty-seven of America’s national monuments spanning over more than 11 million acres of land and about 760 million acres of ocean are threatened by a pair of executive orders signed by President Donald Trump last week.

As Trump laid out in his remarks April 26, he’s looking to end “another egregious abuse