Five Ways to Hug Your Ocean

"People protect what they love."  Jacques Yves Cousteau

I was born in Ohio and raised around fresh water lakes.   Lake Erie was only a stone's throw away from my home and the beauty of the Great Lakes influenced my choice of careers.  Though my upbringing has been on fresh water bodies, I know the importance of oceans and the quality of life that we have on this earth because of them.   

June 8th is officially designated as World Oceans Day and it has been celebrated since 1992.   The purpose of this designation is to honor the world's oceans and to celebrate the products the oceans provide.   So, have you hugged your ocean today?

The theme of this year's day is "Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet" and focuses on increasing awareness of the impacts of global pollution and the over consumption of fish that has resulted in the sharp reduction of the majority of its species.   With new technology over the past two decades the oceans are 

The following "hugs" will improve our oceans:

Hug #1.  Eat only Sustainable Fish

Oceans are being habitats are being destroyed and over fished.   Choose seafood that is both healthy and sustainable when you buy groceries or go out to a restaurant


Hug #2.  Keep the Beaches Clean

Enjoy the ocean without disrupting the wildlife or removing rocks and coral.   Participate in beach cleanups and encourage your friends to clean the shores as well.  


Hug # 3.  Use Fewer Plastic Products

Plastic products kill marine life and the improper disposal of it creates large floating islands of plastic.   Reduce your use of plastic by making reusable water bottles, using a cloth tote bag for shopping and recycle it whenever possible.  

Our Plastic Filled Oceans   

Our Plastic Filled Oceans


Hug #4.  Use Less Fertilizer

Fertilizers are used extensively in gardens and agriculture and the excess ends up in the ocean.   Excess fertilizers decrease the oxygen in the ocean and impact marine life by decreasing their habitat.  Oxygen depleted areas are called anoxic zones and cover large areas within the oceans.   

Hug # 5.  Advocate for Cleaner Oceans

Educate yourself about the oceans and advocate on their behalf.   Find a local or national organization and support them financially and with your participation.