Water utilities are facing the unprecedented demand of increasing costs, declining water demand, escalating customer expectations, aging infrastructure demands and a workforce in transition. How can water professionals cope?
— Sue G. Schneider


A Trailblazer


I'm THAT person.   The one you know that pushes things a bit and isn't fearful of ruffling a few feathers.   Unabashed and rarely apologetic.  I am passionate about water and community.  I think there is too much dancing around climate change and not enough real action when it comes to being sustainable.   While the comments in this blog are my own, I am the CEO of Spartanburg Water and I want to share leadership observations and advice.   You can change your community by your actions but you can change the world with a tribe.  So let's nurture our tribes and move the bar up with leadership.   What excites me?  Innovation and creativity. I love nurturing that culture in my company and I love overcoming perceived barriers.   

As a leader in the water industry, I am committed to educating and engaging in those ideas and issues that will cause a ripple and lead to change.   Mother Teresa's wonderful quote is my beacon for this blog.    Join me in casting stones and creating change!


Sue G. Schneider is a veteran in the water industry with more than 30 years experience with utilities and environmental management.  She is active in the organizations that serve the water industry and she is committed to personal and corporate philanthropy.   See her Linkedin Profile to get the download on her professional career.  

Sue is a dynamic visionary leader with an understanding of the importance of collaboration and building relationships. She has been instrumental in creating dialogue between water systems in the Upstate with the goal of identifying opportunities for collaboration and regional partnerships.
— Dean Hybl, Executive Director at Ten at the Top


  • 2016 Neville Holcomb Award for Community Citizenship, Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce
  • 2016 Daniel Morgan Award, "One Who Cares", United Way of the Piedmont
  • 100 Most Influential Leaders in the Upstate,  December 2015GSA Business.
  • 2013 Career Woman of the Year,  April 2013,  Breakfast Business & Professional Women of Spartanburg
  • Pioneering Woman in Business, Leadership in Business, March 2013, Spartanburg Methodist College
  • Alumnus of the Year,  April 2011 Leadership Spartanburg Alumni Association.
  • National, Regional and Local Speaker and Writer on Water Issues.
  • First Woman to Serve as the Chair of the Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce. 
  • First Woman to Serve as the Chief Executive Officer of a large Water Utility in South Carolina. 
  • Increasing  Utility Revenues by Adding a Retail Ice Business.